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Paracetamol in new health ALERT: A study pointed side effects

Take paracetamol would increase by 20% the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke (CVA). Moreover, scientists are also reported a higher risk of ulcers.

Paracetamol its dangerous side effects by pointing a study: Gastrointestinal and kidney problems: It is on the overconsumption that linger researchers derive, moreover, the alarm: people who consume daily and high-dose paracetamol (Tylenol 3 tablets of 1,000 per day, or 6 Efferalgan 500 for example) for a long period are exposed to more risk.

Based on eight existing studies, experts have thus shown an increased mortality rate of up to 63% in patients who consume repeatedly these doses.

The risk of developing gastrointestinal and kidney problems is also increased if regular consumption. For kidney problems, the risk would be doubled in case of cumulative use of more than 500g of paracetamol during life.

Risk underestimated: Researchers led by Professor Philip Conaghan, the British Hospital Leeds, recognize that these risks remain low in absolute terms but believe that their study shows that "the real risk of paracetamol exceeds what now think the medical community. "