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Drain Your Brain of Toxins to Improve Your Mood, Sleep and Memory, Here’s How

According to Ayurveda, the lymphatic system (or the rasa dhatu) is the first system of the body to be treated. It acts as the body’s major plumbing system to drain waste and carry the body’s immune response to and from every individual system of the body.

A new study has discovered that when people sleep, special lymph channels in the brain called the “glymphatic system” actually open up and drain dangerous neurotoxins from the brain into the cerebral spinal fluid.

The study suggested it takes about 6-8 hours of sleep to complete the brain drain plumbing process, which is compelling evidence that getting the correct amount of sleep matters.

The study found that the glymphatics are like hidden caves that open during sleep, and, much like the body’slymphatic system, they drain toxic waste and proteins out of the brain. The study found that copious amounts of neurotoxins are drained during the natural sleep cycles.

Source: healthiestuniverse