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Chinese did not shave his hair for 50 years!

Most Chinese are accustomed to maintain some strange habits that they inherited from their parents and grandparents, such as medical treatment, for example, Chinese acupuncture or herbal medicine.

But prolonging the hair of the head and not whose services for 50 years to weigh up to 4 kilograms and a length of 4 meters is considered a violation of the concept of maintaining the tradition! Where a Chinese newspaper published a report by a man named "Ping Fu," which at the age of 80 years not to shave his hair since he was in the late thirties !

"Ping Fu," Began his work in the field of herbal treatment and is still working this profession to earn them a living, and settled in a suburb of the Chinese capital Beijing period of time, where there decided not to shave his hair again.

He says, "Ping Fu," it does not wash his hair a lot, where it is difficult for him, but it prevents anyone strictly prohibited from approaching or touching his hair.

The resort Chinese "Ping Fu" put his hair in a bag to the back alleyway when moving from one place to another in order to facilitate the movement!

While "Ping Fu" did not shave his hair for 50 years since he was a young man in his late twenties, but that did not dampen his hair days on the contrary, still maintains its strength and density.

Source : misr5.com