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Russian School Siege Teen Shoots Two Dead

A teenage gunman has shot dead a police officer and a teacher, and held more than 20 students hostage during a siege at a school on the outskirts of Moscow.


The armed attacker carrying a rifle forced his way into the building this morning and took hostage pupils aged around 15 years old along with a teacher in a biology class.

He was said by authorities to be an older student at the number 263 high school, situated in the northwest of the Russian capital.

A security guard, who was injured in the assault, managed to raise the alarm by triggering an emergency button and police immediately responded.

Interior Ministry members in uniform and other authorities gather outside a high school, where a student shot a teacher and a police officer dead and held more than 20 other students hostage, on the outskirts of MoscowPolice officers and officials outside the school building

Scores of officers and ambulances arrived at the scene and were fired at by the gunman through a school window.

One officer who had been shot died at the scene, while another was injured and airlifted to hospital.

A biology teacher was also killed in the shooting.

Police officers outside a Moscow schoolParents waiting anxiously for news at the scene

Police said the gunman had been arrested and all the children freed from the building, where anxious friends and family had gathered outside to await news about their loved ones.

Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Pilipchuck told state television: "The person who took 20 people and a teacher hostage is a student in the upper classes at the same school.