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How You Can Use Coffee Grounds Around Your House

As surprising as it may sound, coffee grounds can have a number of great uses after brewing. From a mosquito repellent to compost, you can use coffee grounds around the house in a number of different ways.


1# Compost: In case you’re making your own compost, used coffee grounds. This provides a lot of energy for the bacteria in the compost to break down the organic items you’re composting. They also cover up the unpleasant smell that comes off as a side effect.

2# Fertilizer: Use coffee grounds can make an effective fertilizer as well because they are abundant in nitrogen. What happens is that coffee grounds stimulate the growth of microbes in the ground, which is why you should mix them with the soil you’re preparing for growing produce.

3# Staining Wood: Another unusual, yet practical use of used coffee grounds is for wood staining. The result you get is a nice, organic tone on your wood. Best of all, it’s extremely easy to use.

4# Mosquito Repellent: Last, but not least, used coffee grounds make an excellent mosquito repellent and insecticide. This is because mosquitoes are repelled by the strong odor used coffee grounds give off. Also, a number of studies have found that used coffee grounds are highly effective in killing off mosquito larvae, which makes them a great natural insecticide.

Source: supertastyrecipes