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DIY Chandelier Made from Glass Coke Bottles

Coca Cola isn’t just a tasty and addictive beverage. It is also a good material for all sort of DIY projects.


Well, not actually the drink itself, but the glass bottle it comes in. Turning trash into treasure has never been so good. If you’re going to mimic the chandelier done here, you’ll be taking the bottles to a whole new level. The project featured here uses diamonds and water to cut the bottles in half, so this isn’t you’re average DIY project.

If you’re up to the challenge, you are not done up to this step. Afterward, you should put them in a kiln to melt down a bit – be careful though not to do it until they become liquid! Glass-on glass work will follow. Watch the video provided to know all about the instructions required for completing a beautiful chandelier make from glass Coke bottles.

Source: chickfila