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She Mixed 2 Ingredients And Put Them On Her Teeth, What It Does?

Is there anything more unattractive than a yellow smile? When I learned that this easy, all-natural recipe can whiten my teeth and cure gum disease, I was blown away. This stuff is incredible!

Triggered by store-bought teeth whitener, thousands of Americans have suffered from severe toothaches, gum irritation, brittle or translucent teeth, or increased sensitivity.

But thanks to this simple recipe, I’vv kissed those harmful ( and pricey) whitening kits goodbye for good. This all natural teeth whitener and healing remedy has changed my life!

Ingredients : 1 tbsp coconut oil; 0.5-1 tsp or 2 capsules turmeric powder; peppermint oil

Preparation : Combine the ingredients into a thick paste. There is nothing complicated about the application process. You just dip your toothbrush in and brush your teeth as you would normally do. Leave your turmeric toothpaste on for 3-5 minutes.

Source: FitLifeTV / Youtube