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Beneficial Uses For Urine And Why You Should Pee In The Shower

Yes, most people are usually ashamed to talk about the things they do in the restroom. Well, maybe they think it’s “dirty,”, but who knows?

You’ll be shocked when you find out that some experts think there are benefits to taking a closer look at your own urine. Here are a few ways you can use your pee – and you’ll also see why it’s not a bad idea to start peeing in the shower.

Peeing in the shower : Peeing in the shower is not only completely harmless, it saves a ton of water. People who do this save more than 15 liters of water every day just to flush the toilet. And there is a double environmentally-friendly bonus: You’ll use less toilet paper and save trees!

Disinfect wounds: If you get a few bumps or scrapes and your first-aid kit isn’t around, you can clean wounds with fresh urine. Note: and it doesn’t only clean the wound, it soothes your tissues and can alleviate pain.

Skin care: Did you know that urine is also beneficial to battling skin issues like psoriasis or eczema? Here’s what you need to know – urea is an active ingredient in a lot of skin creams and ointments. Urea is a compound most concentrated mid-stream in your early morning pee.

Fungi: You can also use urine compresses to fight and prevent those annoying fungal infections, just like the ones on your feet.  You just have to rub urine into the fungal area and let it soak in overnight under a compress. After a few weeks, your symptoms should greatly improve.